Blog: Double hung windows

Over the years we have made countless double hung sashes and frames, these have been to match up “original” sashes from terraces from all parts of Sydney. With appropriate care, maintenance, protection from the elements and general up-keep these may last over 100 years. 

Double hung windows are commonly found around Sydney in terrace houses and have two sashes, one top and one bottom, we have made triple sash windows however these are not too common.

Traditionally the sashes were weighted against a cast iron window weight and counter levered via some sash cord (aka rope) via a sash pulley. We continue to make windows like this as replacements for existing or to maintain the same feel in the renovated section of a house – there is nothing quite like the squeak of a double hung.

A more contemporary method is to use spiral balancers in place of the sash cord and weights, the spiral balancer is quieter does not require a “box” within the frame. An example of a sash in need of some support.